In my many travels I've studied and learned about AYURVEDA, a traditional system of alternative natural and organic medicine based on herbal compounds, minerals and oils with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

This Ayurvedic knowledge-base I employ in many of my food preparations, especially with Indian fusion; I love to create wellness through food. Foods that are rich in flavor as well as organic products that benefit our body and soul. Some of these are called Garam Masala, which means herbs that create heat within your body, healing heat with profound benefits.

When I create foods from a place of such passion and love, I see joy in peoples' faces that connects me with them. The link between great food made with such love and the people who consume it is both superb and fulfilling. That affect on people that enjoy my food is what enthuses me to be the best at what I do, and drives me to constantly create meals of wellness and health, and continually sharpen my skills for those who share my cuisine. 

Currently I visit third world countries such as India, Mexico, Cambodia and Sierra Leone, West Africa helping the homeless, the hungry, and many orphans by sharing my love through proper culinary education, and teaching new skills, nutrition, and food safety.

For example, a current project I'm involved with in Sierra Leone is developing a new, self-sustaining restaurant where I will be teaching orphans how to operate a restaurant, including proper cooking techniques, menu creation, finances, operations, personal hygiene, and most of all, how to grow their own herbs and vegetables and create a farm-to-table system, with all profits returning to the orphanage, ideally ultimately financing the orphans' education."

We are in the process of developing an Ayurveda Wellness meal plan you can subscribe to and have daily  meals delivered. Stay tuned, we will let you know when our menu and service is available!