I currently visit third world countries such as India, Mexico, Cambodia and Sierra Leone, West Africa helping the homeless, the hungry, and many orphans by sharing my love through proper culinary education, and teaching new skills, nutrition, and food safety. For example, a current project I'm involved with in Sierra Leone is developing a new, self-sustaining restaurant where I will be teaching orphans how to operate a restaurant, including proper cooking techniques, menu creation, finances, operations, personal hygiene, and most of all, how to grow their own herbs and vegetables and create a farm-to-table system, with all profits returning to the orphanage, ideally ultimately financing the orphans' education.

The Nehemiah Project benefit dinner. The Nehemiah Project helps foster youth in Los Angeles transition out of foster care and into the world, an extremely daunting task considering. Norman created the menu and mentored transitioning foster youth how to prepare and serve the dishes.  Learn More >>>

Cambodia 2014

Venice Beach Good Will - feeding the homeless, 2014

India, 2016

From Agra to Goa, 2015


Miscellaneous pics from around the world